Rent Statements arriving soon

Posted: 11/02/2018

We know times are tough, whatever is on your to do list, paying your rent needs to be your high priority

Your rent statement will be arriving in the post soon.

Here’s a quick guide to understanding what it means:

· A payment or credit is shown as a “CR” and charges are shown as “DR”

· Any payments made on or around the date of your statement may not be showing

· “DR” in the Balance column means you have an OUTSTANDING balance. Contact us to make a payment or discuss your account

· “CR” in the Balance column shows you are IN CREDIT. If you are in credit, no further action is needed, other than to continue making your usual payments

Please contact us if you need any help or advice about paying your rent. We can help if you are having difficulty making payments

Our Income team and Money Advisors are on hand to help you with:

· Managing your rent account

· Budgeting

· Benefits, including Universal Credit

· Applying for emergency financial support

· Debt advice

We can also suggest other agencies that can help you with debt and money advice. Please contact us for more information

Visit for all the easy ways you can pay your rent.