Providing quality spacious, homely and affordable homes

Posted: 21/02/2020

At ForHousing we focus on managing, maintaining and building quality homes, places and services that local people want and need - now and for the future.

23-year old Sam says that moving into McLaren House, Salford has helped make him more independent and stand on his own two feet.

Sam lives in one of the 15 affordable homes at the new £1.4 million development, which opened in December 2019.

The best things for Sam are the space, private parking and his neighbours. He also has greater freedom, flexibility and choice which has seen his overall health and wellbeing improve.

“I’m super happy with the amount of room for living,” he says and describes his home as “spacious”, “homely” and “affordable” adding: “I’ve always got somewhere to put my car.

“My life has changed. I’ve had to become a lot more independent and think on my own. Financially, I’ve had to manage my money a lot more and make smart decisions with the money that comes in and when it goes out.

“I cook my own meals now. I’m not waiting on someone in my family to cook any food. I can go to the gym whatever time I want.”

Before Sam moved in he was worried about what his neighbours would be like but now realises there was no need.

“It seems like everyone is on the same kind of wavelength and has the same kind of morals and ideas. I just feel like I fit in quite well.

“I feel very supported throughout the whole process by ForHousing.”

You can watch Sam's story here...

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