Helping you helps us too

Posted: 30/09/2020

Giving us a compliment or a complaint just got quicker and easier.

Not only are we making it simpler for you to share your experience of ForHousing, but we welcome it and want to hear from you.

Martyn Hague, Director of Neighbourhoods, said: “Lives don’t improve by chance, they improve by change. We’re scrapping the ‘get it sorted’ in five days rule. Instead, we’ll agree how we’ll put things right with you and when within two days of knowing you have a problem.”

Repeating the same details over again to different people will be a thing of the past too. You’ll only need to deal with a single person until we’ve resolved the problem, or you decide you want to escalate it.

Martyn added: “We’ll do things quicker and keep you up to date leading to a new and better experience. We know we can always do better and helping you helps us too. Listening and acting on what you say will help us continually improve and get better together.”

See our new website pages for more information.

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