Building a better life for Bob

Posted: 06/03/2020

“Being in my home makes me happy”, says Bob who moved into his bungalow at Streetgate three years ago.

Living at one of the 54 homes at Streetgate has provided Bob with a sense of place and a feeling of belonging, improving his life no end.

There’s a communal area where tenants can get together and join in a range of planned activities and socialise.

Bob describes his home as “homely, cosy and specious.” He enjoys the peace and quiet of his garden but also enjoys spending time with his neighbours.

“I’ve more room, got a little garden, can get out and about …. and come and join in the activities.”

Life hasn’t been without its difficulties for Bob. He met a woman, fell in love and married his sweetheart after a short courtship. Then tragedy struck. Less than a year into the marriage Bob’s wife passed away.

For many years he stayed where he was before coming back to the Salford area after a particularly bad year. Misfortune hit once again and Bob found his life spiralling out of control. He became homeless and took several overdoses.

“It’s a miracle I’m here,” he says.

For a few weeks Bob relied on a Salvation Army drop-in centre before he moved into a bedsit and later into Streetgate.

Having his own home has changed Bob’s life for the better. Now he feels part of a strong community and describes the friendship at Streetgate as “tremendous” with particular praise for Debbie, the warden.

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