Championing equality, diversity and inclusion

Posted: 30/11/2020

Today sees the launch of a vital new report into equality, diversity and inclusion within housing associations in England by the National Housing Federation’s EDI in Housing group.

The EDI in Housing group was set up in late 2019, and is co-chaired ForViva Group Chief Executive Colette McKune. It supports the social housing sector to be vibrant and diverse at all levels so that it can reflect the communities that we work with, with the goal to create diverse cohort of leaders across the sector.

The new report, titled “Equality, diversity and inclusion: An inside review of housing association staff in England” reveals multiple challenges around understanding equality, diversity and inclusion in the sector such as seeing EDI as a project rather than an organisational value.

The report acknowledges that the social housing sector stands for diversity but is not diverse enough. This is especially noted at a leadership level where a diversity is seen as a driver to better decision making, but where BAME individuals make up only 7% of board members in the top 50 housing associations in 2019.

The report also highlights the need to act based on data, and a knowledge of where we are, and where we want to be.

Following the report, the NHF and it's members will be working to create a sector-wide picture of diversity, and comparing it to the demographics of the communities that organisations work with so that they can help organisations improve equality, diversity and inclusion based on data that is relevant to them.

The National Housing Federation are holding a webinar on Wednesday 9 December to where you can learn more about the report and join the conversation. You can sign up for the webinar here.

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