Owning a leasehold interest in your home is simply a long tenancy. The lease is usually set at 99 years. When the lease time runs out, you have the right to extend your lease. Please read the leaseholder frequently asked questions (FAQs) for more information.

As a leaseholder, you will own everything within your home. We will continue to own the external structure, communal areas and the land the property stands on.

All leaseholders receive an annual charge. These charges vary depending on the type of property you own but will include buildings insurance, ground rent and a management fee.

It is your responsibility to make the payments for service charges and major works.

To find out how you can pay your service charges and other charges, check out the payments page.

Current leaseholders

If you are a current leaseholder you can use The Digital Leaseholder Forum. This is much like a meeting, and ensures we keep you up to date with company information, including the overall management of your property, and discuss any changes to the service.

The forum is also an opportunity for us to gain your feedback on any changes or information, which in turn helps shape and improve the service we provide.

To join the forum, visit to set up your account (you will need to verify your account with Trello to become an active member). You will then need to email us using the form below with your user name/email address and confirmation of your address so we can send you the invitation to the forum.

General enquiries form

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