Improvements to your home

If your home has been identified as requiring improvement works we will write to you telling you what work is required.

Before we begin any work on your home our team will conduct a ‘survey’. The survey helps us identify exactly which improvements your home needs and makes sure we achieve the high standards we aim for and as set out by the Government.

We will then inform you of when the works are planned to take place and will appoint one of our approved contractors to complete the works.

If you want to make any improvements to your home

You will need to contact us first to ensure the improvements you wish to make are allowed and also that you are safe to do so.

To make sure you're not at risk, we will always conduct an asbestos check before approving any home improvement works. This may be a simple search through our records, or could include a new survey.

Remember, if you carry out work on your home without permission, you and those living around you could be at risk, for example of releasing asbestos fibres from asbestos containing materials. For more information on asbestos, visit our advice page.