Improved Lives

As part of the ForViva group our vision is ‘Improved Lives’. We want communities to thrive. We believe that all residents are entitled to high quality homes, safe and sustainable neighbourhood environments, and increased life chances and opportunities in relation to health, education and employment.

Realising this vision is heavily reliant on strong and effective partnership working with residents and other stakeholders. Our priority objectives are in relation to Health, Education & Employment, Safe Communities and Neighbourhood Services – our Community Impact Strategy. You can find out more about our community impact strategy and our objectives in these areas by clicking on the useful links on this page.

We are currently asking staff, customers and wider stakeholders what is important to them in relation to these priority areas. This information will be used to inform our partnerships and projects.

Our key aims are that by 2020, residents will:

  • have increased quality of life;
  • where able to, be working and/or learning;
  • feel that where they live is safe; and
  • be actively contributing towards making their neighbourhood a great place to live.

We will achieve these aims by working towards our priority objectives in both the delivery of our core services and our partnership working.