How to report a Lifeline fault

To help find the cause of the fault with your lifeline unit please follow the three steps below.

Step 1

Have you checked the unit is connected to the mains and switched on?

Lifeline units need an electric supply because they have a limited battery life. For this reason you must ensure it is plugged into the mains electric supply at all times.

Step 2

If you have access to a landline telephone in the property, please check you have a dialing tone?

If you have no dialing tone, please contact your phone line supplier as there may be a fault on the line.

Step 3

Are all your other electric appliances in your property working, can you turn your lights on and off?

If you have no electric supply then please contact your electricity provider.

If the issue has not been resolved after the above checks, please fill in the form below and contact Trust Call the service provider on 0300 777 0137 to advise of the fault.

Faults reported between Monday – Thursday 8.30am to 4.30pm will be dealt with within 24 hours. Faults reported outside of these hours will be dealt with on the next working day.