Ending your tenancy - the four steps

If you decide you want to end your tenancy, we ask you to follow these four steps.

Step one

Give us four weeks’ notice that you wish to end your tenancy - you are required to do this under the terms of your tenancy agreement.

Step two

Arrange and allow us to complete a home visit. Tell us the date you will move out at least seven days in advance.

Step three

Make sure your rent account is not in arrears and provide us with a forwarding address. You will also need to complete the actions listed in the moving out checklist.

Step four

When you leave your home for the last time, lock up your home securely and arrange to return all keys to your local area office.

Please note Housing Benefit is only paid for the time you are living at the property. If you move out without giving us the four-week notice period, you will still owe us rent for this period but will not receive Housing Benefit.