Community Voice Stockbridge Village

Community Voice are dedicated regional committees which meet quarterly, to monitor the delivery of Neighbourhood services.

Membership of the Community Voice is drawn from Board members, residents of the areas in which we operate and tenants. Community Voice oversee and support the delivery of services to tenants and make appropriate challenge where required.

Activities undertaken by Community Voice include:

  • Performance monitoring
  • Monitoring of the delivery of service plan outcomes
  • Monitoring of the delivery of Neighbourhood Promises
  • Monitoring of local budgets
  • Contribute to the development of policies
  • In addition, Community Voice manages the Community Fund which is used to support local groups and individuals who contribute to the sustainability of their neighbourhood and the delivery of the Wellbeing Strategy.
  • Co-optees from local stakeholders are invited to attend meetings to provide their professional opinion to guide discussions and decisions. This includes representatives from the Local Authority, Police, Health Care providers,Schools, Fire & Rescue Services.

If you are interested in becoming a Community Voice member, please email


Lawrence Mcintosh

Lawrence is a life long resident of Stockbridge Village and has a background in shipping, engineering, telecommunications, sales, debt management and union work.

Lawrence has been a board member since late 2016, and chair of a branch within a union organisation since 2016. Lawrence sits on the Remuneration and Staffing Committee and the Impact Hub. He also chairs the Stockbridge Village Community Voice.

Lawrence is enthused by the dedication and passion of everyone in ForHousing to deliver sustainable communities and homes. He is committed to driving positive outcomes for the residents of Stockbridge Village by ensuring the highest standards of governance through the ForHousing Board.

Outside of work, his interests include studying for a Social Science Degree part time, and he hopes to continue on to complete a Masters degree.

Vice chair

John Carroll