Community Group Grant

The Community Group Grant is available for groups to apply for up to £1,000 to support with costs of running the group such as ICT equipment, annual insurance, refreshments, and marketing costs.

Applications are accepted from 1st April 2024 until March 2025.

To be eligible for the Community Group grant, groups must provide:

  1. Minutes from most recent AGM (within the last 12 months)
  2. Copy of your Constitution and relevant policies for your group to review with the Community Development Officer.
  3. Commitment that at least one member of the group will attend Equality and Diversity Training arranged by ForHousing
  4. Receipts must be provided as soon as the grant has been spent

    Group contact details



    Achievements this year

    Priorities for the coming year

    The Grant

    Please complete the below table outlining the grant your group is applying for.

    Please note up to a maximum of £500 will be awarded to group’s without premises. Please be precise with the breakdown of costs as you will be required to submit receipts once the grant has been spent. The maximum amount that can be awarded to group’s with a premises is £1,000.


    Yearly Cost to the group

    Contribution requested

    Printing & postage*

    Telephone costs*

    Broadband costs*

    Refreshments for meetings*

    Transport costs for volunteers*

    Utility bills for building ran by the Group (if group has premises)*

    Annual Insurance*


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    * Mandatory