Complaints and feedback


We know we can always do better. By working with you, to listen to your opinions and feelings, we will make positive changes to make sure you feel satisfied with our services and trust us to deliver on promises. When dealing with complaints we: 

  • Take them seriously 
  • Respond rapidly 
  • Let you know how we’ll fix the problem and when 
  • Are professional, courteous and keep you updated 
  • Deliver on our promises with clear implications if we don’t 
  • Take action to make sure that we don’t fail again in the future

Compliments, suggestions and complaints form

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You can also use one of the following ways to get in touch to make a complaint:


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    How we fix complaints 

    We use four principles:  

    • We offer and deliver a remedy 
    • Recognise the impact 
    • Provide reassurance 
    • If appropriate, recompensate 

    We assess ourselves against The Housing Ombudsman’s Complaint Handling Code once every year to make sure that we are applying it properly. Our annual self-assessment has found no areas of non-compliance.

    If you want more information about how we will offer redress (put things right) should a tenant or customer complain to us, please see our redress policy here.

    The first thing we do is to offer a remedy. That means letting you know how and when we’ll deal with your complaint within two days of you letting us know there’s a problem. 

    If you are happy with the remedy, then we’ll get on with putting things right in a way that meets, or hopefully exceeds, your expectations. 

    You’ll have a single contact who will deal with your problem until we fix it or you escalate it. That means you won’t have to repeat your problem to lots of different people. We’ll progress your complaint rapidly and keep you up to date – ultimately leading to a new and better experience. 

    We are passionate about positively impacting lives of our tenants and take all of your feedback seriously. Where we don’t get things right or we could do better, we’ll recognise the impact that has on you. 

    We will always recognise your concerns and act to remedy your complaint as quickly and efficiently as possible. How we deal with your complaint is important too. We’ll be professional, courteous and keep you informed about the progress we’re making. 

    Quality services and relationships matter. Making sure you are at the heart of everything we do will help to achieve real change and create new possibilities. It’s only by knowing what we’ve done wrong that we can put things right. 

    You can be assured that we listen to and act on your feedback. Not only that, but we actively encourage you to let us know what you think. That’s because helping you, helps us too. 

    Staff involved in dealing with your complaint are trained and will follow a step-by-step process from the moment you make your complaint until it is resolved. Once we’ve done what we said we would do, we’ll contact you to make sure you’re satisfied. We’ll keep the case open for 10 more working days so you have the chance to consider the response. 

    Not only will we learn from your complaint, but we’ll look at what has gone well and not so well. By learning from mistakes, we can continuously improve the quality of our services so that ultimately, we are the best landlord we can be. 

    Where appropriate, we will offer recompense that compensates you for any harm, cost or inconvenience. We’ll look at this on a case-by-case basis and consider all the evidence we have to see if it’s appropriate for you.