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There are a lot of exciting projects going on in the world, all with the aim of making an impact on the environment and animals that live there!  These stories are sure to bring some positivity to your day!

Tennessee Park Makes New Trail Out of Dumped Tyres

Officials in Tennessee, USA, opened a new walking and bike trail that’s over 2.5 miles long, and it’s made from recycled tyre rubber!

The tyres were dumped illegally in the area, and then gathered by volunteers to be recycled into crumbs to make the trail. Over 24,000 dumped tyres were recycled for the project.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Tennessee State Parks)

158 Mega Batteries Will Boost Hawaii’s Green Energy by 10%

Oahu in Hawaii is introducing 158 Tesla Energy Megapacks to move away from using a major coal-fired power plant.

Hawaii is looking to speed up their transition to 100% renewable energy to move away from coal power plants that generate around 15% of the island’s energy.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: Power Plus)

Old New Look Shop Becomes a Climate Emergency Hub

Shops that are empty on the high street are becoming hubs for combating climate change.

Charity Zero Carbon Guildford runs ‘ZERO’, one of a new wave of climate hubs across the UK. A former New Look shop that had been empty for three years was renovated and ZERO opened in November 2021.

The charity aims to build a community climate action plan and wants to use local solutions to fight climate change. ZERO also wants to educate people, offer practical solutions and strengthen mental health and wellbeing support networks.

It is entirely run by volunteers and has been funded through the community and the National Lottery.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Zero Carbon Guildford)

USA to Protect Large Underwater Canyon for New Marine Sanctuary

A new marine sanctuary could be designated in Hudson Canyon off the coast of New York and New Jersey in the USA.

This would help protect the area’s marine wildlife and habitats promote more sustainable economic activities, which will help scientific research and education. The canyon is home to a range of protected species like sperm whales, sea turtles and deep-sea corals.

(Source: Good News Network. Image credit: NOAA)

Empty Unit In Manchester Shopping Centre Turns Into Sustainable Clothing Hub

A company called ‘Stitched Up’ has opened a sustainable clothing hub in Stretford Mall, Greater Manchester.

The aim is to help people develop more environmentally friendly clothing habits and make friends. People can buy second-hand clothing, as well as take part in workshops and events where they can learn about sewing and mending clothes. There are even monthly clothes swap events.

The team also sees mental health and wellbeing as of high importance. They run projects where people can upcycle items to raise money for local causes.

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Photo+Florish)

Manchester Suburb Allowing Artists to Paint Shop Shutters

In other news, a project called ‘Withington Walls’ is creating art on shop shutters and walls in the Manchester suburb of Withington.

The idea was created to brighten up the neighbourhood with colourful artwork, inspiring the local area and creating a sense of pride in the local people. The group started the project around 18 months ago, and have painted 45 shutters and 15 murals on walls so far!

(Source: Positive News. Image credit: Ed Wellard)

We hope these Positive Planet news stories have brightened your day and given you some ideas on how you can help out the environment yourself. Look out for the next instalment for more inspiring eco-news stories.

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