Jan-YOU-ary – Training your brain for a happier, healthier and longer life!

Did you know that by doing ‘brain-training’ activities regularly, they can help to improve your memory, reaction time, logic skills and also slow down the aging of your brain!

All sorts of activities can be counted as brain training, many of which you wouldn’t have realised are doing wonders for your brain! Take a look at the list below to see if you’re already doing some of these activities, or think about how you could incorporate some of them into your free time…

  • Have fun with a jigsaw puzzle – Putting together parts of a jigsaw to fit a larger picture can be great way to challenge and exercise your brain
  • Try your hand at cards – Researchers say regular quick card game can lead to greater brain strength
  • Building on your vocabulary – Writing down new words you come across, and trying to use them within sentences is a great way to stimulate your brain
  • Get grooving – Not many people know that dancing, and memorising new dance moves can improve your brain’s processing speed and memory, so grab a partner and hit the dance floor (your kitchen will do too!)
  • Learn a new language – According to numerous studies, people who can speak more than one language contributes to them having better memory, as well as higher levels of creativity!
  • Learn a new skill – By learning to play a new instrument, or taking up painting as a hobby, you can help to improve your memory function, as well as strengthen the connections in your brain.

This Jan-you-ary why not try one of the activities above, to see if you can train your brain to improve your wellbeing!

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