Working with Eddie to keep him living an independent and safe life

Eddie*, a ForHousing tenant from Salford, began to develop Alzheimer’s disease early this year. He was living with the sudden onset of symptoms but was trying to cope alone.

One night we got a call from a concerned neighbour letting us know that Eddie had locked himself out of his flat. It was a cold night and he was only wearing his pajamas.

They believed it was a simple mistake, not realizing he was suffering from Alzheimer’s. We immediately sent a Liberty operative to help Eddie get back into his home in the safest way possible.

A few weeks later, during the late hours of the evening, a similar call came in to let us know that Eddie had locked himself out of his home again.

Laura, a Neighbourhood Officer at ForHousing, decided to reach out to Eddie and check in on his health and wellbeing. She was worried that this had happened for the second time in a short period.

Eddie shared that he’d recently been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, but he felt he was coping well as it was early onset. Laura asked if she could get in touch with his family to see if there was anything, we could do to support the whole family.

His family explained that they were really worried about his safety. They lived in a different neighbourhood and Eddie would regularly walk, or cycle, by himself to visit them. We discovered that he’d recently been knocked off his bike on one of these trips but continued to make the journey as he was comfortable with the area.

Laura was determined to help Eddie live an independent life whilst also supporting him to stay safe and secure.

Eddie didn’t feel like he was ready to move into a supported housing scheme just yet, but he did want to move closer to his family.

We quickly completed an out of choice request that was accepted right away. Laura managed to find an ideal home that suited Eddie’s needs and was very close to his family. She worked closely with them to move Eddie in as soon as possible.

Eddie and his family shared their massive thanks for the opportunity that has enabled Eddie to live a brighter and healthier life, keeping his independence and staying close by his loved ones.

*Name has been changed to protect identity