Working together to make lives better - Martin's story

Martin is proof that by working together with like-minded partners we can help transform lives and make real home outcomes possible for all.

Following a relationship breakdown, Martin found himself living rough and admits that a life on the streets was scary. He says that the hardest thing for someone who’s always looked after themselves is to open up and admit that you need help.

Sleeping anywhere he could get his head down, Martin said: “It was hard because I was dealing with alcohol problems and drugs to block everything out. I wasn’t in a good way.”

Then Salford City Council’s Rough Sleeper’s Initiative stepped in and asked us if we could provide a home for Martin.

Kathy Monan, Rough Sleeper’s Initiative, said: “ForHousing have been amazing – really good at trying to move things around if someone wants to stay in a particular area.”

We know that lives don’t improve by chance, they improve by change and that certainly worked for Martin who now has a full tenancy.

Craig Torrance, Neighbourhood Services Coordinator, explains: “If people are in a property for a certain length of time and there are no issues, we’ll offer them a full tenancy – which is what’s happened with Martin.

“To see how Martin is doing has been a real pleasure and a delight.”

Martin loves his home and the area and feels like he’s been given a kick in the right direction – towards a future where anything is possible.

“I feel like I’m going somewhere. It’s cosy, there’s no stress, no strain, it’s mine and it’s safe.

“I don’t feel as anxious, I feel safe and secure here. It’s totally changed my life.”

Watch our video to catch up with Kathy, Martin and Craig as they explain how working collaboratively, we make things happen - and improve lives together.