Taking a person-centred approach to our way of working

We understand that everyone is different and has individual needs, so need to be supported in different ways that suit them.

*Sam is deaf and does not speak, so all conversations between him and housing officers are done through text messages.

When Sam’s housing officer, Rob Bland visits him at home, he texts him when he has arrived so that he knows to come to the door, and Rob also makes sure he has a notepad at the ready so that he can talk to Sam by writing notes.

Back in March when the offices started closing, Rob had a phone call from a hospital in Bolton saying that Sam had been admitted overnight and about to be discharged.

However, Sam lost his keys between leaving his home and arriving at the hospital. The ambulance crew were planning to take him home at lunch time, but could not leave him until they knew he was safely inside his house.

Rob contacted our service centre, and after explaining the situation, arranged an emergency lock change to Sam’s home. Rob then text Sam to let him know what was happening and that he would meet him at his property and would be there when the ambulance dropped him off.

Once the lock had been changed, new keys had been dropped off and Sam had text to say he was on his way back home, Rob met Sam at his home and reassured him that he would not be charged for the lock change since he had been in hospital.

We’re more than happy go above and beyond to help tenant’s live a happy and comfortable life at home, having a positive impact and improving lives.

*Name has been changed to protect individuals privacy.