Tackling racist hate behaviour

In Salford we've taken swift action to stamp out hate behaviour after taking legal action against a man who harassed and intimidated his neighbour because of his race.

We became aware of the serious case of hate behaviour after the victim reported the threatening behaviour in early 2017.

He had been faced with verbal racist abuse and threats of violence from the offender who banged and kicked his front door, dumped household rubbish outside his property and even attempted to break in.

On one occasion the perpetrator called the emergency services saying his neighbour had a gas leak in his property – when in fact he just wanted to complain to the operatives about his neighbour’s ethnicity. The authorities charged him a fine for wasting their time.

Terrified by the unprovoked and erratic behaviour his neighbour, the victim was scared to be in his own home and wanted to move away from the area completely.

We took immediate legal action and served his neighbour with an emergency injunction to prevent him going near the victim, and exclude him from his home.

Less than a week after this legal action had been taken, the offender racially abused and even threatened to kill his neighbour when they encountered each other in the street.

This, along with two further breaches of the injunction, led to the man being arrested.

We took further action to protect the victim as quickly as possible, resulting in a court hearing which saw the culprit’s injunction extended for two years and to prevent him from living in the local area.

The perpetrator has now left the community and the victim can now live securely and safely in his home.

Following the result of the court hearing the victim told us: “During the period of time when the abuse happened, I was scared, humiliated, devastated. I could not sleep comfortably in my own home and was afraid for my life.

“I really appreciate the outcome of the case and I am elated about the result. Thank you to the staff for their support and effort.

“l believe the action taken will also serve as a lesson to others with this attitude of racism.”

We will not tolerate anti-social behaviour in the areas where it has homes and takes effective and consistent action against hate behaviour of any kind.

We work closely with Greater Manchester Police and other partners to take swift action against hate behaviour to protect tenants and ensure that communities are safe places to live.