Supporting vulnerable people to get the help they need is really important to us, and one of our biggest priorities.

A few years ago, ForHousing Neighbourhood officer Cat was made aware of some concerns about a property that appeared unkempt, and that the tenant had repeatedly denied anyone to access his property, even though an injunction had been given.

Because of this, unfortunately the tenant was close to being evicted but Cat was determined to support the tenant and managed to gain access to his home to carry out a safety check.

The tenant later contacted us to thank Cat for all of her support and help with helping him get his home in a better condition, and significantly improving his wellbeing.

“I find it hard to understand how I got into this position. I can only assume that it followed a period of depression when I was unable to be motivated by anything and then overwhelmed by not knowing where to start.

“When Cat eventually gained access to my home, I found her to be extremely empathetic and devoid of judgement. She was really supportive and helped me agree realistic targets which she gave me positive feedback on when I achieved them.

“I am now able to use my kitchen properly, I have lost two stone in weight and I really enjoy having guests over!

“Thanks to Cat’s support, my home is no longer under threat. The people that Cat helps can expected to be supported, treated with respect and empathy, and not judged. I hope other’s lives will be positively impacted in the way mine has.”

We’re so proud of Cat for her persistency, support and showing a huge amount of care for this tenant.