Supporting tenants to make their communities a great place to live

A big priority for us is to strengthen the connection between communities, local services and organizations so that we can work together to make a big difference in small ways.

Last year we took part in the Collaboration Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) along with Lancaster University to find out more about health issues in Knowsley.

Our findings were published in a publication called Stockbridge in Stories which reached around 2,500 members of the public!

One of the stories that was published included Elliot’s story, a young man who lives with autism and visual impairments.

The story focused on the fact that although he is autistic and visually impaired, he still joins in with all sorts of activities including drama, which is his passion!

He understood that having a disability could lead to social exclusive, but he was determined to prove them stereotypes wrong.

His school was so impressed by Elliot and thought he was a great role modelm, so invited him to work with artist, Tina Freeman, to create a comic, ‘Friends Against Bullies’, which spreadthe message that it is ok to be different and no one should tolerate hate because of the differences which make us all unique.

The comic is in the process of being made into a theatre production which will be performed at Liverpool Empire theatre and will star Matt Smith and members from the cast of Hollyoaks!

“I feel like it will give people a chance to take bullying and hate crime more seriously. I see things on Facebook every day, parents of young children who go to school and get bullied and they (the children) go back to school and they’re not going to do anything and it kind of disgusts me.

“I think that this will give me that piece of mind that yes, this is something, this is an important process. Even when I went to NSPCC they were shocked and they said this is fantastic so that’s something.”

Stockbridge in Stories has been a catalyst for Elliot breaking ground in supporting anyone, disability or not, to be ‘different’ and saying NO to bullying and it seems that this is just the beginning of the journey for Elliot!