Supporting relocation of sheltered accommodation customers

Avril had lived in her home for eight years and was reluctant to dispose of anything. "When I was told the scheme was being demolished I felt extremely anxious about where I would be moving to. I had concerns because I knew that at some point they would want to come inside my flat and I knew that they wouldn’t even be able to get through the door.”

Avril was offered a bungalow located close to her GP. “I was offered the perfect property and the move started to happen really quickly, I didn’t feel rushed by the team but I knew that I wasn’t ready to move just yet. I knew that I had to start clearing my flat but this would be a huge challenge for me and something that I would struggle with.”

'''It was at this point that Michele (from the Older Persons Service) took control and arranged a meeting with my Social Worker and we all sat down and came up with an action plan for the week ahead and I agreed to move the following week''. “Later we laughed and joked while they filled bin bags and I sat like the queen shouting orders at them”.

“The staff have been amazing they actually came into my flat everyday up to the move and removed all items I no longer needed. For the first time in a long time I could actually open my front door and walk through a clear hallway. They worked with my Social Worker and must have filled over 30 bin bags of rubbish (which is difficult for me to say). Sarah even found my wedding ring which I have been looking for, for many years”.

Further support work has been provided to Avril by Social Services and the Older Persons Service will continue to visit and support her.

“The dreaded moving day arrived and my wonderful Social Worker took me out for breakfast whilst Michele and Sarah sorted my move and packed more of my belongings. When I arrived at my new home I couldn’t believe my eyes. My curtains were up, I had clean bedding on my bed (I haven’t had this for a while) and all my furniture was set out perfectly. Everything looked beautiful and I couldn’t believe this was all mine.”