Supporting Kelly to build a better and brighter future through work experience

Kelly, had been having a tough time finding work and was struggling with her mental health, but the Princes Trust Programme helped her dream, believe and achieve.

Set out over twelve weeks, The Princes Trust Programme offers unemployed 16-25-year olds the opportunity of a better future. Ran by the Greater Manchester Fire and Rescue Service (GMFRS), attendees can get stuck into practical activities and gain valuable work experience.

Although initially reluctant to join, GMFRS worked with Kelly to help her feel confident enough to sign up. A plan was also put in place to help support Kelly through the course.

Over time, Kelly developed the courage to push herself and often achieving more than she expected.

The boost from the course helped Kelly to complete a work placement at a housing scheme for older people, as well as conducting mock interviews that helped with her employment prospects.

Towards the end of the programme, and with a lot more confidence then before, Kelly picked up her job search. With support from local agencies, Kelly managed to bag herself the first interview she’d had in quite a while.

The experience she’d gained at The Princes Trust Programme helped Kelly have a successful interview and she was offered the position.

Wanting to give back, and share the journey she had been on, Kelly got involved with the next recruitment process, helping to tackle any reservations future recruits may have.

Kelly said: “I have managed to get a hold over my mental health and my confidence has grown during the 12 weeks I was on the course. I'm pleased that I got a job. Without The Prince’s Trust I truly feel I wouldn't have come as far as I have.”