Supporting George on his path to a better life

After losing his job, going through a relationship breakdown and being violently attacked outside his own home, George’s confidence was extremely low, and he was struggling to cope with day to day life.

Soon he became dependent of alcohol which severely impacted both his physical and mental health.

George’s tenancy support worker knew he needed help and along with his neighbourhood officer, worked hard to get George the support he needed.

George was an ideal candidate for the Motiv8 programme and after sorting him out with a new phone, his tenancy support worker, neighbourhood officer and motiv8 keyworker worked together to make sure they took the best approach to help George get back on his feet.

Unfortunately, after a minor incident involving George, the police told us that George had been feeling suicidal. He had also recently found out that a close relative had committed suicide, which took its toll on George’s mental health.

We knew we needed to take massive action to empower George to feel better. We worked with him to move out of his high-rise flat into a more suitable home that was located on the ground floor with an extra bedroom for his daughter, which was close to her new college.

We are still supporting him to get the most out of his life and working closely with his local authority to make sure he has the right furniture.

George is on the road to a better quality of life. Making his house a home really boosted his mental health as he found a place he could finally feel safe and secure.

Working together with people who truly have George’s best interests at heart has been key to making sure he feels good and stays on track for a better future.

*Name has been changed to protect individual’s identity.