Social Prescribing - John Davies

John Davies, 35, was referred from his GP to ForHousing’s Passport to Wellbeing service earlier this year after his relationship with his partner had broken down and he had to move out of the home they shared and into his mum’s house.

He was struggling with his finances following his business stopping trading, and he went to see his GP after the impact of this took its toll on his mental health and wellbeing. He was experiencing loneliness, isolation and depression, and was looking for support back into work.

As part of the Passport to Wellbeing project, which enables the local GP surgery in the Westminster estate of Ellesmere Port to refer patients through Elemental Software’s digital social prescribing software to non-clinical sources of support in the community, John’s doctor was able to refer him to ForHousing’s Money Advice Service.

Through this support, the team worked with him to maximise his income and make arrangements for him to pay the rent arrears his mum had accrued while he was living with her, as well as enabling him to make arrangement with companies where he had outstanding debts.

His GP also advised him to apply for a gym membership at the local leisure centre to take part in exercise activities to help improve his mental and physical wellbeing, and he received support to apply to West Cheshire Homes to apply for a home of his own.

These social prescriptions have made a real difference to improving his overall health and wellbeing, which ForHousing has been able to monitor through the digital platform which tracks the health improvement journey of everyone referred through the system

John said: “When I went to see my doctor I was experiencing significant mental health and wellbeing challenges. It made such a difference to be given information and advice about other sources of support that I could access to help me tackle the problems I was facing.

“Through the support I was referred to with ForHousing to help me sort out my debts and the additional advice I have received around exercise and fitness, I have noticed a real uplift in my health and wellbeing and am feeling a lot more optimistic about the future.”