Social Prescribing - Eileen Jones

Eileen Jones, 53, went to see her local GP in the Westminster estate of Ellesmere Port when she was struggling with her mobility and personal care.

She found that she was often feeling tearful and lonely, with no immediate family nearby who could offer her any support, her only help being from a neighbour who called in weekly to help with her food shopping.

Through ForHousing’s Passport to Wellbeing project which gives the GP surgery access to a digital platform where doctors can find non-clinical sources of support for patients available in the local community as an alternative to clinical treatments, known as social prescribing, Eileen was referred to the Wellbeing Life Line service.

This saw her accompanied to the local Trinity Church where she was given a benefit check, introduced to the grocery store and the weekly social activities that take place at the centre.

She also received support from ForHousing to register for a more suitable home to meet her mobility needs. She was referred to social services for a care needs assessment, and to an occupational therapist to assess her home for the aids and adaptions she needs to improve her mobility until she is successful in finding a new home.

Being socially prescribed these activities has made a real difference to Eileen’s overall health and wellbeing, “I don’t know what I would have done without the support from the Passport to Wellbeing Service,” Eileen said.

She is now feeling less isolated and much more engaged in her community and is looking into getting involved in volunteering activities at Trinity Church, as well as continuing to receive emotional support until she is able to move house and begin a new future in a home that better suits her needs.