After six years of being homeless, Simon finally has a home to call his own

After six years of being homeless, Simon is celebrating this World Homeless Day in his own home, as he looks ahead to the new possibilities it will bring him.

Salford born Simon Plummer* became homeless following the breakdown of his relationship six years ago, which led to him moving out of the home he shared with his ex-partner.

He slept on the sofas of friends for a short amount of time, but as he struggled to find people to stay with, started to sleep rough.

Simon said: “I know that some of my old friends didn’t really help me stay on the right path. I’m very independent and I like to keep myself to myself, and I knew that things needed to change if I was to make things better for myself.”

Simon was supported into temporary accommodation and lived there for around four months, before ForHousing supported him into a home of his own in Salford.

Lucy Hooton from ForHousing who has been supporting Simon, said: “At ForHousing we want to improve people’s lives by focussing on what’s important to them as individuals, and we knew that Simon was keen to become more settled, to enable him to hopefully return to employment in the future.

“We made sure that he was comfortable in his new home, and that he felt properly equipped for independent living. He’s been managing his own tenancy for nine months now, and this has also given him the confidence to better manage his relationships with his old friendship groups and make better choices.”

Simon said: “I’m doing so much better now, and feeling much more positive about the future. ForHousing have made everything really easy for me, and while I know there’s a long road ahead, I’m so pleased that I can start to move forward with my life again.”

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*Name changed to protect the identity of the tenant