Long-term solutions to anti-social behaviour

A few months ago, we began receiving complaints from several residents that were worried about the level of noise nuisance, damage and harassment that a group of young people were causing in the local community.

The behavior escalated quickly one evening when a shopkeeper was attacked with a hammer after the group were caught shop lifting.

After this incident, the Police contacted us because they’d also received many calls about the same individuals.

We worked closely with the Police, who provided the Community Safety Team with copies of statements that were taken about the assault on the shop keeper and we eventually took the incident to court.

Five Civil Injunctions were granted against the young people involved which kept them away from the local shopping area and from hanging around with each other.

We’re committed to keeping communities safe and secure. In the aim of finding a long-term solution to anti-social behavior, ForHousing’s Community Safety referral team are working closely with the police, local schools, children’s social care, youth groups and the youth justice service.

Since the injunctions came into place, tenants shared that they’ve noticed a huge improvement. They now feel safe in their homes and able to go about their daily lives without feeling threatened.

The police also shared their thanks for supporting them as it has led to a big decrease in the amount of calls they’re receiving.