Keeping community spirit alive

A home is the first building block on the journey to a better life.

Pennington Close, a gated Supported Housing scheme located in Little Hulton, is made up of five bungalows.

The homes surround a central garden, which is where you would usually find all the tenants watching the world go by together.

We spoke with five tenants who shared how living in Pennington Close has enabled them to form close bonds with each other, helping to keep the community spirit alive.

Ernie, Eileen and Bernard

Ernie, who has lived at the scheme for 14 years, admits that without having his neighbours to rely on for support, his mental health and wellbeing would have suffered during lockdown.

His neighbours, Eileen and Bernard, along with their dog Booboo, moved to the scheme earlier this year.

Bernard, who suffers with breathing difficulties, felt that he and his wife lacked enough support for them to live well in their previous home.

They believe their fresh start in a supported living scheme has made a real difference, saying “If we weren’t here, I don’t know what we would have done.”


Previously, another Pennington tenant Anne, lived in a three-bedroom flat and had become socially isolated due to struggling with the stairs leading up to her home.

Moving into a ForHousing bungalow has given Anne a new lease of life as she now has the support she needs to live comfortably and independently with as much support as she requires.

Having the option of a tailored personal plan, along with adaptations helping her manage in her home, has made her feel safe. She shared that living in Pennington has given her ‘peace of mind’.

Although she only moved to the scheme in July 2020, Anne’s quickly become a big part of the friendship group and has become very close with Scheme Co-Ordinator, Debbie.

Anne said, “The neighbours are fabulous! I’ve gone from no social life to a great social circle. I’m much happier, I even sing when I hoover.”


Although they were anxious about moving to the scheme back in August 2019, Patricia and her husband believe that their new home has helped them live their best possible lives.

Becoming part of such a close-knit community has worked wonders for their wellbeing and has offered them the help and supported they needed to make more things possible.

Pat said, “I’ve got friends I can ring up if I need anything and Debbie will always help with anything she can.”

Supported Housing not only gives people a stable home that suits their needs, but also offers them the opportunity to make connections and join a bright and thriving community, providing a massive boost to their wellbeing.