Jasmin Bakhre set up a life-changing project to help non-English-speaking mums fuel their potential.

With help from our Do Your Own Thing scheme, Women with Wings recently opened a new office to provide a hub for women looking to launch their own business.

Jasmin’s Women with Wings aims to break down language barriers in Little Hulton, Salford.

The project supports local mums wanting to set up a business that don’t speak English as their first language.

The 47-year-old, of Little Hulton, came up with the idea after recognising how many mums have great ideas and skills, but lack confidence and face barriers such as childcare.

Women with Wings was established in 2017 through support from ForHousing’s Do Your Own Thing programme, which inspires people make more out of what they love doing by turning their ideas into income.

With the support of the scheme, Women with Wings secured funding of £2,700 from organisations UnLtd, Forever Manchester and The Big Local.

Jasmin, who had previously launched a successful cake decorating business, wanted to encourage others to think about how self-employment could work for them.

The mum-of-three, who has lived in Little Hulton for the past four years with her husband and children, said: “Through our work with the local community, we found that there were a number of mums that weren't engaging with enterprise support programmes.

“It wasn’t because they didn't have great ideas. They weren't confident in how to develop them or how to engage with organisations that could help support them because of language barriers.

“We set up Women with Wings to create a support network to help mums understand how they can take their business ideas to the next level.

“We want to help women better their lives and give them training to increase their confidence so that they are ready to take on challenges and new opportunities.”

Women with Wings has now opened an office in the shopping precinct in Little Hulton.

It will provide a vital hub for the project and provide a business address for fledgling enterprises.

Jasmin said: “Our new office means a new chapter for Women with Wings and it will help us to grow.

“We want to offer more training, including English language courses, and get more staff on board.

“Our goal is to empower more women to start their own business or learn new skills to take that next step.”

Lateefal Salami, a Women with Wings member, said: “Meeting the other women and having training has empowered me and given me confidence and hope.

“I’m so grateful for this wonderful group and would encourage everyone to come here. It changes your life.”

And Shuvai Mufandarabwa, another member said: “Since I joined Women with Wings, I have seen a tremendous difference in my confidence and social life.

“Thanks to joining the group, I am now aware of so many people and companies that are willing to assist with business ideas, training, going back to work and any obstacles that might hold be back from success.”

To date, Jasmin has supported 15 women to start their own businesses.

The Do Your Own Thing programme helps people fuel their potential, explore new possibilities and develop ideas before taking steps into self-employment.

For more information visit: forhousing.co.uk/doyourownthing

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