Hospitality pro takes charge of her career

Salford entrepreneur Corina Ahghel has taken the first steps in launching her own specialist recruitment agency for the hospitality industry.

After spending several years as a care assistant, Corina entered the hospitality industry when she moved to Salford five years ago, but always felt as though she wanted more from her career.

“I wanted to take charge of my job – something I could not really do when I was someone’s employee”, said the mum of one, who lives with her partner in the Eccles area of Salford.

“After working in many places in the hospitality industry, I spotted a gap in the market that could be developed into a recruitment business. All I needed was start-up advice in order to get my own business off the ground. I had an idea and even a website, but there were still many things I needed help with to give my venture the best chance of success.”

“I had tried seeking guidance from some advisors before, but was disappointed by the quality of advice I was given. Thankfully, a quick internet search brought me to the Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat programme.”

After finding the scheme when searching online, Corina wasted no time and got in touch.

Don’t Keep It Under Your Hat was set up by ForViva group member ForHousing to work with people living in its communities who want to start their own business ventures by provide expert advice through one-to-one consultations and training.

So far the team has worked with Corina to enable her to register her business with Companies House, develop a plan for her business and explore options for marketing and publicising her fledgling venture online.

Corina’s Business Advisor Eric McBean says he was very impressed with the dedication she showed towards her recruitment business from day one.

“It really is exciting when someone walks through the door with an idea and we get to work with them to make that happen”, said Eric.

“When Corina came to our first one-to-one session, she already had the basic building blocks of her venture, but it is hard to make it a reality in isolation – which is where we come in.

“By working with people across the North West to make their start up dreams become a reality, we enable them to build new businesses that then give something back to the local economy for years to come.”

Eric also worked with Corina to develop a pitch for a grant, which she received in February 2016, and will continue to provide advice and support for as long as she requires it.

Corina added: “Getting the grant was a crucial moment. It means I can really get my firm off the ground.

“I’m looking to the long-term future now, such as expansion plans and getting an office of my own. Knowing that I have someone to turn to is invaluable. But right now it’s time to knuckle down and focus on building relationships with my clients and customers to really deliver some great results and get people the job they want.”