Helping people like Cynthia keep in touch with loved ones

Our new virtual visiting rooms launched in December 2020. The first user was Cynthia, a tenant at an ForHousing extra care scheme, who speaks to her daughter Suzanne regularly on the phone but hadn’t seen her for over a year because she lives in Texas, USA.

Hannah, the Scheme Manager, planned a Zoom meeting with both Cynthia and Suzanne to ensure everything went smoothly.

They were both overjoyed to see each other after such a long time and Cynthia even had her hair done for the occasion.

She met her great-grandchild for the first time on the call too. Suzanne has expressed her thanks for making the video call possible.

She said: “I’m grateful for all the staff who continue to support my mum and look after her. I know she is in good hands.”

Suzanne is sad that she is so far away as she feels helpless, but is reassured knowing that she can have the virtual meetings and has booked another slot.