Helping people be the best they can be

George lives in one of the seven affordable homes at the Russell Court development which opened in summer 2019.

“My favourite thing about my community is that everyone gets on very well together,” he says. “It’s lovely.”

His initial worries that his bungalow would be too small were unfounded. George has health conditions which restrict his mobility – but living in a bungalow with a walk in bathroom means that’s not a problem and he can get about easily.

“I can only walk for a certain distance,” he explains. “I’ve no stairs so it helps a lot. Everything is flat and on the ground. It’s made a massive difference. Everything’s good.”

We know it’s the little things and attention to detail that counts too.

George says: “The area, especially at night time when it’s all lit up - it’s lovely.”

Russell Court comprises four one-bedroom and three two-bedroomed homes and cost.

Watch our video to hear more about George’s story: