Helping Diane overcome her mobility difficulties

At ForHousing, we go above and beyond to help tenant’s in anyway we can.

The Tenancy Sustainment team recently supported a tenant, *Diane to claim personal independence payment, as well as helped her look at her budget so she can find ways to reduce her outgoings.

Because of Diane’s disabilities she can often be forgetful, so TSS helped her to write out her full budget so that she can be more independent in managing her money.

TSS also referred Diane to Aids and Adaptions as they noticed she was struggling to get up the stairs, cook in the kitchen and get to the bathroom because of her mobility difficulties.

Since Diane was referred she has now been given a stool to sit on for whilst she is in the kitchen, a commode chair for downstairs, an extra bannister on the stairs and extra grab rails for the bathroom. These additions to her home have given her so much more freedom and confidence to fulfil her potential.

Diane now feels more comfortable and can manage better independently at home.

*Name has been changed to protect individuals privacy.