Fitton Hill Work Club

When Mary Wilson visited The Fitton Hill Work Club, she hadn't worked for a number of years after suffering from ill health.

Mary said “I hadn't worked for a while. It had taken me some time to build by physical and mental strength up again after being ill, but going to the Work Club really gave me that push to get my foot out of the door and back to work and I am really enjoying it. I love working at the school and the children are great. After being at home for such a long time it's great to be interacting with people once again. One of my favourite things about the role (apart from the school holidays) is enjoying hearing the children read.”

Along with her new role, Mary has also returned to education with the support of the Fitton Hill Work Club and is studying for key skills Maths and English at Oldham College, which she hopes will give her more skills when applying for future jobs. She has also been helping out at the Work Club in her spare time as she wants to help other people in the same way the club helped her.

“I would recommend anyone who isn’t in work to visit the Work Club. It’s really handy being here on the estate and the support you receive there is fantastic. The club really helped me find the strength to get back to work after such a long break, and my confidence has improved so much as result.”