First civil youth injunction order makes community safer

We have taken landmark legal action to tackle a teenager’s anti-social behaviour, helping to make the Knowsley community safer.

The 15-year-old was served with a Civil Youth Injunction Order by Liverpool Youth Court in July 2017. The order was the first of its kind to be handed out in Knowsley.

The teenager was part of a group of young people who were behaving anti-socially at a local shopping centre.

His persistent anti-social behaviour, which involved criminal damage and direct threats to staff in a shop, was impacting the lives of a number of local people.

The situation led to us taking emergency action, and working closely with Merseyside Police to deal with the issue and request the injunction.

The 12-month order prevents the teenager from going to certain parts of Knowsley, contacting certain people in the area, inciting or being involved in any anti-social behaviour or criminal damage or carrying a knife in a public place.

If the teenager breaches the rules of the injunction he will be arrested and could be sent to a young offenders institute while he and his family could lose their home.

The other young people involved in the case were issued with tenancy warnings and their parents also received cautions about their children’s behaviour.

We are committed to ensuring people living in our communities can live in their homes and go about their business without fear of intimidation or harassment.

The swift legal action taken in this case recognises the seriousness of the situation and the devastating effect anti-social behaviour can have.

The local community is now safer as a result of our proactive approach, with no further incidents reported of this kind.”

Our Community Safety team is now continuing to work with Merseyside Police to encourage people to help tackle anti-social behaviour by reporting it as soon as they see it.

We are committed to stamping out anti-social behaviour at its roots and is working in partnership with other agencies and residents associations to build stronger, more resilient communities.