Festival of Ageing improves tenant health and wellbeing

Making new friends, getting active and learning something new are just some of the positive outcomes delivered for tenants thanks to the Festival of Ageing.

The festival brought together around 80 tenants from the Amblecote Gardens and Bourke Gardens extra care schemes in Salford to celebrate the benefits of getting older, plus ways to improve quality of life and boost health and wellbeing.

Activities which tenants enjoyed included armchair exercises, meeting sensory pets, planting miniature gardens, playing music, singing in a choir, knitting sessions and digital training to get online and assist them in keep in touch with friends and family.

Positive outcomes from the activities included:

  • Increased social inclusion as people enjoyed making new friends at the event. 60% of people said the activities helped them get to know other better and they said that the best thing about the festival was interaction with other people and with the animals.One tenant said: "We shared time with the animals. We did exercise together – and generally had a great time."
  • Physical exercise was increased through getting active during the event. One tenant who took part said: "I found the exercise class most rewarding."Age Active has since secured funding from the Community Fund to run armchair exercise classes at Amblecote Gardens as a result of the festival.
  • Improved skills and knowledge through trying something new. Nearly two thirds of people said they learned something new at the festival. One tenant said: "I made a miniature garden in a pot and gave it to one of my daughters" while another said: "It gave me ideas to brighten my day."
  • Festivalgoers said the event had given them positive images of ageing. One tenant said: "People with varying degrees of disability all enjoyed the day." Another said they liked: "Seeing people enjoying being together, laugh and talking about experiences."

Positive outcomes from the festival contribute to the successful delivery of the Community Impact Strategy which has a focus on health.

Each activity at the festival also aligned with the Government’s Five Ways to Wellbeing campaign– which encourages people to connect, be active, learn, give, and take notice.

The activity formed part of a wider two-week long festival to promote a more positive view of ageing involving partners across Greater Manchester.

A range of local organisations contributed to the day including Age UK, Age Active, Noah’s Ark and Incredible Education.

The festival has also inspired a number of tenants to take up new activities, improving their long-term health and wellbeing and quality of life.