Eat It Fresh

Eat It Fresh sees ForHousing work with the Salford City Council's health improvement team and Manchester-based Cracking Good Food to deliver a series of pop-up cooking events.

The Eat It Fresh team work with residents over an initial six-month pilot to develop gardening skills so they can grow their own food, before learning how to whip up a culinary delight in the kitchen.

The project is currently taking place at a community garden in the Valley neighbourhood in Swinton – which was created as part of ForHousing's Growing Communities project to help bring the neighbourhood together.

ForHousing, along with Cracking Good Food, will hold a cooking workshop twice every month to teach the residents a range of skills – from hygiene, to the basics of nutrition and how to plan meals. Residents will also get hands on in their own cooking workshops, whist receiving tips on how to adapt recipes to keep meal-times interesting.

Local resident Anne Pinkney said: “It’s easy to put a ready meal in the microwave, but this proves just how simple it is to cook a healthy meal from scratch. People in the community have really put a lot of effort into maintaining the gardens here and this will be another great project that will benefit everyone.”

Once the pilot has finished, volunteers will work alongside ForHousing's community development team to set up a long-term plan to help keep the community cooking.