Creating connections in the best places

At ForHousing, we aren’t just about filling spaces, we’re about building quality homes like those at Dixon Street in Irlam.

Robert loves living in one of the 12 affordable homes at the development which opened in 2016.

He says: “Last place I had was a one-bedroom flat and I hated it. Moving in here, it’s great. I love it!”

Having a stable home and creating connections is another reason why Robert likes living at Dixon Street.

“Neighbours round here, we get on very well. You’ve everything, you’ve got the doctors, chemist, Tesco, everything like that.”

By creating the best environments that focus on people we enable tenants to set their own plan of possibilities.

Robert says: “It’s a good size, little garden, really nice.”

At Dixon Street you’ll find six two-bedroomed and six three-bedroomed homes. The development took just over a year to build and cost around £2.6 million, of which around £600,000 came from funding.

Watch our video to find out more about Robert’s story: