Cooking class helps social isolation and confidence

Neil was referred to our Eat It Fresh cooking classes by our Salford Lifestyle Coach to address the social isolation he was experiencing and to improve his self confidence. While on the course we found out Neil did not have a cooker and was using a microwave to make his meals at home.

During the course and with the support of the Lifestyle Coach, Neil purchased a cooker, learned how to cook and also freeze food in bulk.

Neil also made new friends at the centre where the classes took part. He now visits the centre daily and has gone on to join the local allotment group where he was involved in planning the delivery of Easter holiday activities. Neil is now Secretary for the local Tenants and Residents Association and says he feels part of the community.

“Taking part in Eat It Fresh was really good for me, it got me out of the house and it got me motivated, It’s a really good course and I would recommend it to anyone”. With the support of the group at the centre and his Lifestyle Coach, Neil can cook at home for himself on a regular basis.