Community project tackles loneliness and offers invaluable employment skills

Back in December we met a resident, *John, and as we began chatting with him it became clear that he was feeling low, isolated and lonely after coming out of work five years ago.

We pointed him in the direction of the Making Connections project and explained the support that was available and how this could help him on the journey to make positive changes to his life.

He shared that he used to enjoy being out and meeting up with people, but he struggled with anxiety so found it difficult visiting busy places and shops. Many times, he would walk into a shop wanting to buy something but end up leaving with nothing as his anxiety felt overwhelming.

Thanks to the Making Connections initiative, John is now receiving ongoing support with his anxiety and is actively involved in outdoor activities like gardening. We worked with John to set goals for himself in order to carry on his journey towards a positive lifestyle and improved wellbeing.

Not only that, but he’s taken a huge step forward in overcoming his educational difficulties by attending a ForHousing training course to gain employment skills.

John is now feeling more connected to his community and said: “My confidence is building and getting out and meeting new people is helping my anxiety. I like having something to look forward to each week and I am so grateful for all the help and support Making Connections has given me, it’s nice to be given a chance. Thank you!”

*Name changed to protect privacy of individual