Boost for Knowsley enterprise helping men prepare for fatherhood

A Knowsley based enterprise helping new dads improve their parenting skills has received a funding boost from ForViva group.

New enterprise This Dad Can was awarded a £500 grant to help build the business by our Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat scheme, which supports people looking to turn their dreams of setting up their own business into a reality by providing one-to-one training and advice and access to grant funding.

The brains behind the This Dad Can enterprise, Jon Nevill, aged 30 from Knowsley, explained what drove him to set up his company.

“This Dad Can is all about helping men become the dads they want to be by providing resources, building confidence and giving reassurance,” he said. “We provide an online crash-course, resources that draw on the experiences of other dads, life hacks and tips on how to be a positive role model.

“My dad, Robert, was a fantastic man. Despite my mother and him separating when I was young he had intention, desire and faced the hurdles that most dads do.

“I have two girls myself and like many entering parenthood I felt daunted. As a result of how I was parented, I felt I had additional impetus to be an involved dad, but that was coupled with the feeling of lack of experience and isolation.

“I had an appetite to be involved, hunt out information and seek guidance. My story is far from unique, which is what drove my ambition to launch This Dad Can.”

Jon says the Don’t Keep it Under your Hat team has already helped him to boost his enterprise.

“I’d been developing the idea for the venture for about 18 months when I left my job earlier this year and took the leap into running This Dad Can full-time,” he said.

“I heard about the support on offer for new enterprises like mine through Don’t Keep It Under Your Hat
and got in touch with them a few months ago to see how they could help.

“I can’t speak highly enough of the support I’ve received from the Don’t Keep it Under Your Hat team.

Jon also heaped praise on Don’t Keep It Under Your Hat’s business advisor Eric McBean.

“He’s been a mentor to me in these early days – he’s very creative, enthusiastic and positive which has been really motivating for me.

“Eric supported me to prepare to pitch and the funding I secured meant I could buy essential marketing materials and advertising for our launch event which have helped make a big impact.

“I’ll continue to keep in touch with Eric regularly. A network with people like Eric is so important for new start-ups like mine to help prevent us feeling isolated and means we can draw on all that great expertise to keep building our businesses.”

Find out more about This Dad Can on their website, on Facebook or on Twitter at @thisdadcan.

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