Alice finds safety and happiness in a new home for her family

Alice*, a single mum of two, recently fled her home because she’d been abused by her partner, who was the dad to her young baby. She wanted to find a safe place for herself and her children.

Her partner was well known to social services to have a history of domestic abuse, and because of this, their baby was placed on the child protection register.

Unfortunately, he found out where Alice and the children were living, so they had to be quickly re-housed for safety reasons.

Being a single mum was proving to be difficult for Alice. She was struggling financially, with debts adding up on her water and electricity accounts.

She had also been waiting for an official diagnosis of autism for her oldest child, who attends pre-school a couple of times a week.

We have worked closely with Alice to make sure herself, and her children, feel safe and secure in their new home. We wanted to make sure she had the support she needed to be able to manage her money and bills independently.

We helped Alice to get some money advice, and she has now been given additional financial help by applying for child benefits.

We also arranged for the debt on Alice’s water bill to be cleared and for an electric pre-payment meter to be fitted at her new home to help her avoid going into arrears again in the future.

An application to the HELP scheme was also made for Alice, which meant she was able to get the bedroom furniture she needed and make her new house feel more like a home.

Alice has received support from the wellbeing service and her financial situation has improved a lot since we first started working with her. She’s not in a relationship with her ex-partner, and social services continue to support her.

We’re committed to safeguarding vulnerable adults from abuse and neglect and believe that everyone deserves to feel safe and happy in their homes.

Name has been changed to protect individual’s identity.