Adapting our way of working to a service that suits you

Mr Jens is a German tenant, who suffered from a stroke meaning he lost movement in one side of his body and his language skills were also damaged.

He has experience anti-social behaviour in the past and is in the process of looking for a new home after being financially abused.

Our neighbourhood officer Jack Youd has had regular contact with Mr Jens for five years and learnt the best way to communicate with him.

Sometimes it was difficult to understand him on the phone, so Jack organised home visits.

Although Mr Jens has a friend that supports him and Jack contacts her if something is urgent, he would often struggle to explain when or how long ago something happened. Now Jack always takes a paper pad round so that he’s able to draw lines for how many days or weeks ago something was.

Because of his language difficulties, speaking with Mr Jens is not always, but being able to use a paper pad to communicate has really helped him to got get frustrated when he is not understood.

This is just one example of how we’re working to create a better, fairer future for all, creating diverse and inclusive communities where everyone has opportunities.