Self-employment start-up programme

Be your own boss

You may think that running your own business means high stakes, multi-million pound profits and finding genius new ideas. However, for 99% of UK businesses it simply means a regular income doing something they love.

If you have a business idea or a hobby and would like to explore the opportunity of working for yourself, we can help you and it’s free.

Don’t Keep It Under Your Hat will enable you to develop and explore your ideas before committing to self-employment. You will be invited to attend an introductory presentation which will explain some of the basics to you. If you choose to develop and continue with the programme you will:

· Receive tailored one-to-one support from an Enterprise Advisor to develop your idea

· Gain qualifications at optional self-employment workshops

· Apply for up to £500 in funding to help explore your idea

We’ve developed a short series of audio guides ‘ mining for ideas’ which might give you the inspiration to help you find your next idea. Check them out here on this page.

If you’re interested in finding out more about the programme please complete the short form below and Enterprise Advisor will be in touch.

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