ForHousing is a group member of ForViva a delivery partner of the Motiv8 programme, covering the areas of Salford and Bury.

Motiv8 transforms people's lives by helping them overcome the challenges and barriers they face to get back on track. By improving people's wellbeing, confidence and employability skills, we increase people's chances of accessing training or finding a job.

Motiv8 is being led by Manchester Athena, a partnership of housing providers working together to transform people's lives.

The programme will support over 5,000 people to overcome multiple, complex needs and move them closer to training and work.

In addition to being a delivery partner to Motiv8, we also provide a specialist offer for participants interested in starting their own business.

Motiv8 is funded by £14 million from The National Lottery Community Fund and the European Social Fund as part of the Building Better Opportunities programme.

To find out more about the programme please go to the Motiv8 website

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