We wouldn't usually consider DIY to be anti-social behaviour, especially when its carried out at a reasonable time of the day.

We would suggest you have a friendly word with your neighbour first as they may not be aware they are disturbing you. We've put together some tips to help you resolve issues with neighbours.

If you still feel you are being disturbed, you can report this to the Community Safety Team. If the situation has not improved, we can arrange a meeting between both parties to try and reach agreement to resolve the situation. We can help you and your neighbour understand each other’s point of view and reach a solution.

If you feel unsafe approaching your neighbour, or you have tried and the situation has not improved, our Community Safety Team can carry out an investigation in to your concerns.

How to make a report

If you want to report persistent noise, please use our report ASB online form

If you believe that a business is being run from the property, please report this using our general enquiry form.

Read our top tips for reducing noise in the home to minimise disturbance to neighbours.

Book an appointment via our booking system at a time that suits you