Mission, vision and values

ForHousing is part of ForViva. The entire group is united by one shared vision: Improved Lives. From the boardroom to the community centre, our values passion, openness, respect and trust shine through.

Each part of the group has its own role to play and its own unique mission:

  • ForViva is a force for good. It provides the group with structure, size and stature.
  • ForHousing is a progressive landlord that believes in improving lives by delivering real change, challenging the norm and delivering homes and places that create new possibilities.
  • Liberty provides smart and altogether better property services across gas, repairs, maintenance and construction.

We want to deliver real and lasting change that creates a future for people where anything is possible. Homes, places and communities fuel potential and are vital for our wellbeing, dignity, self-worth and life changes.

Working with our partners, we’ll continue to invest in projects that give people a better quality of life by getting them into work or education, improving their health and helping them to feel safer – this is all part of our Community Impact Strategy.

By investing time and money where we can have the biggest impact Through this work, tenants will:

  • Have increased quality of life
  • Be working and/or learning, where they are able to do so
  • Feel that where they live is safe
  • Be actively contributing towards making their neighbourhood a great place to live.

Community Impact Strategy challenges the norm so we can create new possibilities.